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The newest edition "Gluten-Free Delights" by Tastelishes will soon be released about gluten-free, wheat-free, gum-free baking from scratch with natural ingredients, sharing high-quality kitchen-tested recipes for tasty, gluten-free fresh-baked goods that are classic and trendy, exquisite in flavor, texture, and looks. No strong, overwhelming, weird or missing flavors, no cardboard taste, no crumbling nor grainy rubbery texture but structure and elasticity. Textures go from porous, light and airy to moist and smooth with a tender crumb. The batters rise easily. Beautiful full-color photographs for every recipe show the actual fresh-baked product and an accurate demonstration. Only 3 types of gluten-free flours are used and they are readily available at local grocery stores. Recipes do not call for bean flours, soy flour, pea flours, or stone-ground brown rice flour. Dairy-Free options available. Practical techniques are applied throughout. My daughter has become sensitive to wheat, gluten, and dairy; she is my strongest critic and demands high standards. These gluten-free treats are simple yet glorious and tempt any palate. Whether you want to or have to eat gluten-free, this book is a fresh and easy approach to fabulous gluten-free delights.