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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much experience does Tastelishes have?

A: The founder of Tastelishes has gained her expertise from three decades of passionate cooking and baking, and she wins the taste test every single time. The Founder, Chef Christine, loves to create light, superb, stylish dishes on a daily basis using natural food. She started cooking and baking at a very young age in her mother's kitchen, and she mastered cooking & baking in Germany with all its techniques and insights. She learned Old-World-style basics and techniques that have been around and proven for generations and she applies them into her own kitchen and recipes. It is the passion, the gained knowledge, training, skills, creativity, open-mindedness, and daily practice that have made her the perfectionist that she is. She is always striving for excellence, and she applies it in every aspect of her life. "With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it". (Aristotle 384 BC – 322 BC)


Chef Christine is very talented, enthusiastic, and passionate. Her skills and insights enable her to write unique and creative recipes presenting clear demonstrations, practical and streamlined techniques for cooking and baking mouthwatering, healthy, both simple and extraordinary homemade dishes. Given her German roots, international travels, and life in multicultural New Jersey, she masters top culinary challenges and delivers high-quality, inspiring, fabulous food creations at ease with every recipe shared.

Q: Why is Tastelishes selling recipes online?

A: Tastelishes offers 14 themed eCookbooks for an instant, easy, and convenient download at home or on-the-go with a portable digital reader, like Nook color, Kindle Fire (color), from an iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, laptop, home computer etc. These authentic recipes excite the palate and delight the eye. They are intended for you to serve fresh, healthy, nutritious, tasty, great looking homemade food made from scratch. Tastelishes eCookbooks are available at Amazon and Smashwords.


The idea grew from the many admirers for Tastelishes' healthy & delicious dishes, resulting in countless requests for those fabulous, creative & inspiring recipes to be able to re-create the same fantastic results. In order to reach a broader audience, Tastelishes offers her eCookbooks online, providing fine recipes that are easily accessible with digital technology. Tastelishes created her own refreshing and informational website to bring recipes, support, additional tips and detailed information & more to you. All recipes are kitchen tested, re-tested and approved over the course of many years -- and even generations. It shows how to create excellent quality, applying precise measurements, detailed guidelines and the correct tools and is a guide, inspiration, and enrichment for everyone who loves to eat natural food. It is intended to inspire the home-cook and home-baker with simple-to-follow delightful recipes to make home-cooking fun and entertaining for various levels of cooking experience and time schedules.


The ultimate goal is to implement flavorful, healthy, fresh, nutritious, home cooked dishes routinely into everyday lives in order to provide support in leading and maintaining a joyful, healthy, energetic lifestyle, and Tastelishes makes it easy for you. All Tastelishes' recipes are of top quality, include a variety of fantastic quick & easy dishes, display practical techniques, and are great to entertain with. They even include Old-World recipes that have been in family possession for over 100 years. Preparing your own dishes naturally means making the meals precisely how you like them, receiving proper nutrition & a well balanced diet, ensures quality time, and attaches you more vividly emotionally to the process of creating, appreciating, and trying a variety of foods. Eating light, full-bodied, nutritious dishes with a balanced and healthier approach in the ratio and types of food and ingredients is what separates Tastelishes from others. The recipes are easy-to-follow, taste is king, and working with healthy, natural foods ensures a positive, energized life-style. You can buy the foods in local supermarkets, practical techniques are applied throughout, and basic kitchen tools are used. 


Q: What makes these recipes so special?

A:  First and foremost it is the outstanding quality that makes the recipes as fabulous as they are. Tastelishes cooks and bakes with fresh, natural and unprocessed foods and a wide selection of different spices and herbs. The key is to create the perfect harmony and ratio of ingredients to bring out the best flavor and texture to make those dishes divine and exciting. Every recipe is photo-illustrated. All Tastelishes recipes are different from each other (no repeats) and kitchen-/time tested. Each dish is homemade from scratch, and the ingredients used are locally available. Tastelishes recipes are easy-to-follow, instructional, inspirational, and informative. Tastelishes also offers recipes that are not-so-easy to find. Practical techniques are applied throughout to make cooking and baking fun, while keeping the quality level on top. The complexity of recipes varies to offer a variety of different levels of experience and they suit different time schedules. The recipes are designed for the aspiring cook and baker as well as for the more experienced ones with practical techniques applied at all times. To the widely believed (mis)conception that luscious cooking & baking from scratch takes hours on end, Tastelishes proudly presents fine dishes that can be made quick & easy or within a tolerable amount of time. They can be used as an individual dish or they can be combined and enjoyed as a complete meal, starting from appetizers to desserts. Tastelishes features a variety of Old-World recipes, as well as Classics (some with a modern twist), and contemporary dishes. Tastelishes can truly make a difference for you in a step further towards a healthier, balanced, invigorating life-style with tasty, simple-to-follow, elegant cuisine.

The cakes and pastry recipes present a special value in providing light, airy, tender, and elegant masterpieces. Practical techniques and precise measurements are applied here throughout as well and the correct tools are clearly listed and locally available. The tools used are mainly basic kitchen tools. You will find desserts that are rich in flavor, not overly sweet, nor dense, heavy, or bland, and no unpleasant aftertaste involved.


Every recipe provides color illustrations and detailed guidance for successful and mouthwatering results. Tastelishes focuses on high quality, not quantity. The recipes always keep the cook and baker in mind and are designed to walk you passionately through as if standing next to the instructor to ensure higher transparency.


Fresh, healthy and flavorful, balanced cooking & baking results in fewer visits to the doctor's office and increases the quality of life. Tastelishes makes it easy for you to stay in control. Small is more, balance is everything. Being a better cook starts with making a few dishes really well, instead of focusing on inventing more and more. Tastelishes recipes enable you to enjoy eating natural food and allow you to stay in control of your budget.

Q: How are the recipes organized?

A: All recipes have easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance and show full-color photographs. They have a clear and consistent structure throughout. The recipes are categorized by different themes.

Q: How do I know I will be able to make the recipe(s)?

A: You will be provided with clear, in-depth information and instructions. Beautiful full-color photographs show the actual fresh-baked product and accurate demonstrations along with precise measurements, Metric System and American Standards, practical techniques, correct tools for the home-cook and home-baker, and invaluable tips and tricks. Tastelishes knows that in order to achieve excellent results, it is imperative to have the correct ingredients and tools at hand while using precise measurements and proper ratio, especially when it comes to baking.


With Tastelishes' recipes, you not only get detailed information and reliable how-to, but you are easily and comfortably guided and seamlessly instructed all the way through as well to make cooking & baking a joy! Tastelishes always keeps the home-cook and home-baker in mind. Additionally, Tastelishes publishes a newsletter that covers various themes with free advice, tips, kitchen basics, and recommendations. More insights, support, additional topics, and exciting recipes are covered and published at her blogs at Wordpress and Blogspot


Q: Do I need special equipment or ingredients for making these recipes?

A: You can use typical cookware/bakeware and easy-to-find food items that are available at your local grocery store and online.


Q:  Does Tastelishes recommend certain ingredients, cookware/bakeware items?

A: Tastelishes does provide recommendations for best results, elegant style and smart tools, and they can be found within the recipes as well as on the website and the blogs.

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Q: Does Tastelishes provide free recipes?

A: Yes, basic recipes can be found on the website and more elaborate recipes with photographs are published on the blogs at Wordpress and Blogspot. Also the free recipes are of high quality, kitchen- and time tested.







Q: Where can I buy Tastelishes eCookbooks?

A: Tastelishes eCookbooks are available at Amazon and Smashwords.



Q: How does the author describe herself and what is her passion?

A: Christine Barmann, an accomplished cook & baker, founder of Tastelishes, cookbook author, and food blogger, is a well-rounded, caring, sensitive, energetic, determined, and focused person who strives for excellence. She loves the beauty of life, her family and friends, adores creativity and how it unfolds; she  likes the charm of decorating the kitchen table for coffee and cake/festivities/parties or any occasion, she is passionate about art and design, fashion, music, playing the piano, education, traveling, world languages, is bilingual in English, German, and was in her teenage years fluent in French, she has an eye for making beautiful flower arrangements ... and relishes quality time gathering loved ones to share and enjoy fabulous homemade food the natural way.


Q: How did the name "Tastelishes" come about?

A: It is the combination of the words "tasty dishes": tasty + dishes = Tastelishes.