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I am Natural Food Chef Christine, and I am the founder of Tastelishes. I grew up in the Rhineland-Palatinate area in southwest Germany, where Alsace, France, is only a stone's throw away. The flavorful French culinary kitchen already influenced me in my childhood, as well as the most delicate kitchen from my hometown, located near the world-famous city of Heidelberg with its ancient castle that holds the biggest wine barrel in the world. The Rhineland-Palatinate area is one of the best wine producing areas (renowned for its award-winning Riesling wine), founded by the Romans, and has very rich and nutritious soil.


Coming from a family where fresh, flavorful dishes have been passionately prepared on a daily basis, I naturally developed a strong desire for cooking and baking already as a young child. I love creativity, I take pride in performance, and I am very enthusiastic about mouthwatering tasty dishes. Throughout the years, I have mastered various levels of culinary classes, but most of all, I take great pride and joy in expressing my own style.


Having learned authentic old-world style techniques and being in possession of invaluable family recipes that date back generations, I started to write my own cookbooks as an inheritance to my beloved children to pass on a piece of the past and tradition, enriched with my own skills, creativity, and gathered knowledge. After I personally edited and illustrated my work carefully, Tastelishes eCookbooks with tasty homemade dishes were born to please the countless requests for the recipes to share, inspire and enrich all food lovers, home cooks and home bakers.


My family and I speak English and German fluently. Currently, I live in New Jersey with my husband and sweet-loving teenage boy-girl twins.




Christine - CEO & Founder of Tastelishes