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Healthy. Happy. Balanced Life.


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Cooking: Appetizers, Dips & Sauces, Entrees, Sides, Soups, Salads, Sweets & Desserts

Baking: Fruit Cakes, Cream Cakes, Yeast Cakes, Cake Toppings & Fillings, Cookies, Cupcakes, Breads

14 themed eBooks on Homemade Cooking & Baking With Colored Photographs, Detailed Instructions, Information, How-To Advice & Tips, Easy-to-Follow Guidelines, Practical Techniques and Metric Measurements as well as American Standards applied.

Impress yourself and others. Cooking & Baking with Tastelishes' inspiring recipes makes healthy food delicious and:
  • Get You Recognized and Appreciated for Serving and Presenting Superb, Healthy, Mouthwatering Homemade Food.
  • Enable You to Achieve Excellence in Taste, Texture, and Style.
  • Help You Control the Intake of Salt, Sugar, Fat, and Flour.
  • Introduce You to a New Approach in the Ratio of Ingredients for Divine Cooking & Baking.
  • Add a Bigger and Better Variety to Balance Your Food Intake and That of Your Loved Ones.
  • Increase Health Benefits by Making Dishes from Scratch, using Nutritious, Natural Food.
  • Enable You to Stay Budget-Friendly.
  • Leave you Relaxed with Clear, Detailed Instructions and Color-Illustrations to Make it Fun and Most Enjoyable to Cook & 
        Bake with the Concept of Achieving Maximum Results.