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Smart Kitchen Tools for the Home-Cook and Home-Baker
Professional, high quality, budget-friendly.
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Back to Basics Nut Roaster


For perfectly roasted nuts. Available at  



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Egg Piercer


Prevents eggs from cracking when placed in boiling water.


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Krups Egg Cooker with water level indicator

Includes egg piercer and poaching trays. Boils up to seven eggs at a time. Available at Amazon.

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All-in-One BonJour Double Boiler


1.5 quart. Stainless Steel. Dual water level indicators.Double-wall water chamber for even and gentle heating. Available at Amazon, Target, and Cooking.


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Cake Saturator


36" Circ./11.5 Diam. Press the saturator into the cake and fill the little holes with the desired liquid to saturate the cake throughout. Available at   


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Salter Multiweigh Mechanical Scale


Multiweigh mechanical scale includes large 2-L. dishwasher safe mixing bowl. Features the Add & Weigh function and a rotating dial for quick reset. The bowl inverts over the scale for neat, dust-free storage. The wide platform allows use with a variety of different size bowls. Provides both the metric and U.S. measurement table with grams/kilograms as well as American ounces and pounds. Available at Salteronline or Amazon.


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Wilton 16-inch featherweight decorating bag


Dishwasher safe for practical re-use. The polyester material gets softer the more the bags are used. Lightweight, strong, and flexible, they will never get stiff. Coated to prevent grease from seeping through. Decorating tip, coupler or coupler ring required. Available at Wilton or Amazon


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Danish Dough Whisk


This Danish Dough Whisk is a very practical tool for mixing dough by hand prior to kneading. It’s long, thick wooden handle provides a great ergonomic grip, which gives you the leverage you knead for easily blending a stiff bread dough. Because of it’s funky shape, it’s much more practical and efficient then a wooden spoon for mixing heavy sticky dough, and as an added benefit, it’s way easier to clean! Available at Amazon