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Tastelishes eBook with recipes to create gourmet-style appetizers like Blini with caviar.         Tastelishes bakes the ultimate cupcakes like a Cappuccino Cupcake with a light Tiramisu cream finish or a Red Velvet Cupcake with a Black Forest-style topping, Nutella cupcake, Pizza cupake and more.         Tastelishes recipes on baking fresh bread with a denser texture and a crisp crust, easy homemade sourdough and more.         Tastelishes eBook with recipes for cake toppings and fillings like Tastelishes crocant, buttercream and more.
Tastelishes recipes for baking heavenly Dream Cakes like a light Bee Sting.          Tastelishes new recipes for baking trendy cakes.         Tastelishes baking Christmas Cookies and more festive baking.         Tastelishes recipes on baking classic cakes from scratch.
Tastelishes recipes for classic dips and sauces.         Tastelishes Home Cooking with Natural Food.         Tastelishes recipes on refreshing salads and a homemade versatile tangy vinaigrette.         Tastelishes recipes on cooking delightful festive side dishes.
Tastelishes recipes for cooking hearty and healthy soups.       Tastelishes Sweets and Desserts. Recipes to create irresistible temptations.         

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Tastelishes Baking - A lighter way to enjoy flavorful cake.
Tastelishes Cooking - A healthier way to enjoy tasty dishes.


Every Tastelishes eBook for the home-cook and home-baker contains tantalizing full-color photo-illustrated recipes throughout that provide inspiring, creative, healthful dishes made from scratch designed to tempt your taste buds. Tastelishes books are instructional, inspirational, and informative. The credo is to bring light, tender, full-flavored, fine, elegant baking & aromatic, hearty cooking into America's kitchens using locally available natural foods and applying practical techniques. Many recipes offered by Tastelishes are not-so-easy to find and are a great addition to a cook's repertoire. Tastelishes believes that you are a better cook and baker by making a few dishes really well and varying them, rather than by focusing on inventing more and more. Small is better, balance is everything. The high quality that stands out on all Tastelishes' eBooks signifies old-world techniques, kitchen-/time-tested and easy-to-follow recipes that maximize flavor; it demonstrates elegance, creativity, shared know-how and reliable how-to advice from three decades of experience serving a balanced, full-bodied, nutritious variety of mouthwatering homemade dishes for a positive impact on your life and health. With Tastelishes, the aspiring as well as the accomplished cook & baker will find intriguing recipes with dishes that look irresistibly appetizing and are a spa for the senses.

Tastelishes eBooks for the home-cook and home-baker are available at Amazon and Smashwords. To print the recipes, go to Smashwords and download the PDF-version.

Tastelishes eCookbooks are authored, edited, illustrated, and published by C.C. Barmann.

Baking Bread - Fresh from the Oven - Handmade aromatic artisan breads, fresh chewy sourdough & more
Baking Classics - Made From Scratch - Timeless elegant cakes, some with a trace of a modern twist
Cake Buffet - New Trend Recipes - To add a special touch to life and to any occasion & celebration
Christmas Cookies & More - Festive Baking - To enhance the Holiday Season & Festivities
Cupcake Revolution - Ultimate Pleasures - Rich-flavored scenic miniature creations using less sugar
Dips & Sauces - Classic Party Favorites - To spice up and perfect your dishes
Dream Cakes - Heavenly Light - Silky, light & tender inspirations that make a grand entrance
Home Cooking - With Natural Food - Fragrant entrees to spoil yourself, your family & friends
Hors d'oeuvre - Gourmet Style - Full-bodied, harmoniously blended appetizers
Modern Cake Decor - Fashionable Toppings & Fillings - Art Deco to perfect flavor, texture & style
Salad Bouquet - A Four-Season Variety - Refreshing, earthy, zesty salads to dress up any entree
Side Dish Delight - Festive Traditions - To enhance, complete & perfect a meal
Soup Lovers Delight - Hearty & Healthy - To fuel your energy and that of your loved ones
Sweets & Desserts - Irresistible Temptations - Creative, full-flavored treats for the connoisseur


Discover And Enjoy Tastelishes - Healthy Dishes Made Delicious. More Flavor. Finer Texture. Better Recipes.